How to revoke your license manager role



Office Timeline Add-in license managers have the option to revoke their license management rights themselves, whether they are the subscription owners or not. In the following guide, we will briefly explain both cases.

     A) You do not own the subscription

     B) You are the subscription owner  

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A) You do not own the subscription

Office Timeline license managers can revoke their own role even if they aren’t the subscription owners, but they are not authorized to reassign the role to someone else – this is something only the owner has permission to do. To give up your license manager role, please follow the simple steps below:

  1. Log in to your account on

  2. Navigate to the Subscriptions tab in your account and locate the Office Timeline Add-in subscription for which you’ve been assigned as license manager.


  3. On the subscription’s info card, you should see your email address right next to “License manager” and a red Revoke button on the right.


    Click the Revoke button to remove your license management rights. We will email the subscription owner to notify them that you have revoked your role and that they've been automatically assigned as the new license manager.


B) You are the subscription owner

As an Office Timeline Add-in subscription owner, you can revoke your license management rights – and reassign them to someone else – simply by editing your email address on your subscription’s info card in your account. For more details, please see our step-by-step guide here.


If you encounter any difficulties revoking your Office Timeline license manager role, don’t hesitate to contact us at We will be happy to help!