Import your Wrike project as a Swimlane slide




Office Timeline Pro can import a Wrike project into PowerPoint straight as a Swimlane slide. To achieve that, you must first format your table in Wrike before loading the data into the add-in. The following steps will show you how to set up your Wrike data to successfully turn it into a PowerPoint Swimlane.



  1. While Office Timeline doesn't require special formatting in Wrike to import a classic Gantt chart or timeline, for importing as a Swimlane diagram, you'll need to add a custom field in your data table and name it "Swimlane". Choose Text for the field type when prompted.


  2. Now, in the new column, type in the name of the Swimlanes you want your tasks and milestones to belong to. To place multiple items in the same lane, just enter the same Swimlane name in their corresponding rows.

    Note: You can also have classic tasks and milestones on your Swimlane diagram – i.e. linked directly to the timeband, not inside a lane. To achieve this, just leave their corresponding Swimlane cells empty in your Wrike table.

  3. When done formatting, click Import on the Office Timeline Pro tab in PowerPoint and log in to Wrike from the Import Wizard to bring in your data.import-from-wrike-office-timeline.png

    Quick tip: You can even import your Wrike data directly into a Swimlane template. To do so, go to New on the Office Timeline ribbon, choose a design you like from the available templates, and then select Import.

  4. After completing the simple steps in the Import Wizard, Office Timeline will make you a professional-looking Swimlane slide that's easy to update or style



  • If you want to import milestones from Wrike, remember to make sure they have a single date filled out (the due date) in your Wrike table or that they are specifically marked as milestones; otherwise, Office Timeline will import them as tasks by default.

  • You can also choose to import as milestones all tasks with durations of 1 day or less. Click Settings on the Office Timeline ribbon and then go the Import tab to activate this option.



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