Office Timeline Add-in differences: Free vs. Plus vs. Pro



The Office Timeline Add-in is a PowerPoint timeline maker for Windows that comes in 3 different flavors: Free, Plus & Pro. All versions are fully functional timeline makers, but they offer different levels of access to key features. Below you can find a comparison between the Add-in Free, Plus and Pro editions to help you figure out which of them would suit your needs best.


Office Timeline Add-in Free vs. Plus vs. Pro


  • The Free Edition is a lightweight tool good for making simple timelines or Swimlane diagrams that don’t require a great level of detail. It has almost all the features available in Plus and Pro, but limited to maximum 10 milestones and/or tasks per slide. What’s missing is the ability to use the add-in’s pre-built templates and to import data.

  • The Plus Edition of the add-in removes the 10-items-per-slide limitation and unlocks the built-in timeline templates, allowing you to quickly make detailed, professional visuals for your presentations. It is ideal for those who wish to build classic timelines and Gantt charts. If you want to make Roadmaps or Swimlanes, you will need Office Timeline Pro.

  • Office Timeline Pro Edition comes with everything available in Plus, while also bringing you the ability to make impressive Roadmaps and Swimlane slides. It also comes with dedicated templates for these types of visuals, so you can have your presentation ready even faster.


To see the differences between Free, Plus and Pro side by side, check out the comparison table below:



  1. Can I upgrade my Add-in Plus subscription to Pro?

    Of course! Please take a look at this guide for details. If you need further assistance or have any questions, contact us and we'll be happy to help.

  2. Can I edit a Pro Edition timeline in the Plus version of the add-in?

    Yes, timelines made with Pro Edition can be edited using the Plus version of the add-in as long as they don’t contain any Swimlanes.

  3. Can I edit a Plus or Pro Edition timeline using the Free add-in?

    Timelines made with the Plus or Pro add-in are not editable with the Free add-in. However, you can still make changes to them using PowerPoint’s controls, as you would edit any other slide.

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