Fit more tasks on your slide



If your timeline or Gantt chart has too many tasks that are beginning to run off your slide, you can adjust them quickly using Office Timeline’s controls to maximize space. Here’s how you can create room to fit more tasks on your timeline:


  1. Adjust the thickness of your task bands. Select the task band (or task bands) you want to thin down and, from the Style Pane on the right, change the size to Thin.image_1_border__markings.png

    Note: Office Timeline lets you change the size of all tasks simultaneaously without having to select them all. To do so, select a task band that has the desired thickness, click the dropdown arrow on the Apply to All button below the Size and Spacing options, and choose Size.image_2_border.png

  2. Change the spacing between task bands. Select a task band (or more) and, from the Style Pane, click on Narrow under the Spacing options to reduce the space between your selected band and the task below it.


    Note: You can use the Apply to All functionality to change the spacing between all tasks simultaneously.

  3. Group multiple tasks onto a single row to save space and fit more items on your slide. Learn all about task grouping in this post.image_4_border__markings.png

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