Position milestone titles exactly where you want them



With Office Timeline, you can avoid clutter and achieve a clean graph by rearranging your milestones'  titles on the vertical axis of your slide. Here’s how:


  1. Click the Edit Timeline button on the Office Timeline ribbon. It will open a visual drag & drop interface that lets you quickly rearrange any timeline object.

  2. Pick one of your milestone titles by clicking on it and drag it up or down to a new position on your timeline or Gantt chart. You can tidy up all milestone titles this way, whether they are located above or below the timeband.


  3. Once you're happy with your new layout, don't forget to click Save. In our example, we moved every other milestone title higher or lower on the slide to create a more uncluttered look. You can see the changes in the image below.save-milestone-positions.png


Note: You can also use PowerPoint's controls to move milestone titles vertically directly on your slide. However, changes to timeline elements made directly via PowerPoint will not be saved automatically. Remember to hit the Accept changes button on the Office Timeline ribbon once you're content with the new layout: