How to designate or change an Office Timeline license manager


Note: This article applies only to Subscription Owners.

Definition: A Subscription Owner is the person who purchased the Office Timeline Add-in subscription themselves or had it purchased for them by a reseller.

Overview allows subscription owners to designate a license manager for each subscription purchased, as well as reassign the role to someone else at any time. The following guide explains both scenarios - please use the links below if you wish to jump straight to the section that suits your case best.

A) How to designate an Office Timeline license manager

B) How to change a current license manager


A) How to designate an Office Timeline license manager

When buying an Office Timeline Add-in subscription, you have the option to assign a license manager at checkout, by clicking on the “Someone else will manage the licenses” checkbox and providing you designee's name and email address. Once you finalize the purchase, we will notify your designated manager about their new role and provide them with product key distribution and activation instructions.


If you leave the "Someone else..." box unchecked or purchase the Office Timeline add-in through a reseller, you will automatically be assigned as the license manager. If you wish to transfer the license management rights to another team member, please read the following chapter.

B) How to change a current license manager

Subscription owners can quickly revoke the current license manager and assign a different one from their Account Page on

  1. Log in to and go to the Subscriptions tab in your account.


  2. Browse to your Office Timeline subscription and click the Edit button you'll see next to the license manager details.


  3. Enter the email address of the new license manager you wish to assign, and then click Save.


    The assigned manager will be notified by email about their new role and receive instructions regarding license administration. In addition, we will also inform the previous license manager that their role has been revoked.