How to show multiple tasks on one row



The Office Timeline Add-in supports grouping multiple tasks  and milestones on a single row, which allows users to subdivide major activities or events into phases, organize tasks into categories, or simply save space to fit more items on the slide.


Here we'll show you how to:

A) Group multiple tasks onto a single line
B) Easily move or reorder whole task groups

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A) Grouping multiple tasks in a row

  1. From your timeline slide in PowerPoint, click Edit Timeline on the Office Timeline ribbon to open our visual editor.

  2. Select the task you wish to move, drag it vertically next to the one(s) you want to align it with, and drop it when you see a pink guiding band like in the image below.


  3. That's it! Do the same for the other tasks you wish to align or drag them out of the group to move them back on their own separate row.drag-and-drop-group-ungroup.gif
    Note: Items grouped on one row in the Timeline view will be treated as a group in the Data tab as well:
    However, ungrouping can be done only from the Timeline view.


  • Pro Edition Tip: On Swimlane visuals, you can even align milestones on the same row inside a lane or place them in line with tasks.

B) Move or reorder whole task groups

One of our favorite time-saving tricks is that you can instantly move or reorder whole task groups in the Edit Timeline window. 

To do so, hold CTRL, select any of the tasks in a row, and then drag vertically. You'll notice the entire group will move as you drag, making it very easy to reorder your items or even align multiple groups fast.

move-whole-groups.gifThe same goes for milestone (or mixed) groups on Swimlane visuals – just use CTRL + Drag to move a whole row up or down on the slide.


Note: When reordering items in the Data view, tasks and/or milestones grouped on one row will all be moved together, as a group: