How to show multiple tasks on one row



The Office Timeline Add-in supports grouping multiple tasks on a single row, which allows users to subdivide major activities or events into phases, organize tasks into categories, or simply save space to fit more items on the slide.


The following guide provides instructions and tips to help you make the most out of the Tasks-in-a-Row functionality.

A) Grouping multiple tasks onto a single line
B) Adding more tasks to an existing group
C) Ungrouping tasks
D) Reordering grouped tasks

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A) Grouping multiple tasks onto a single line

  1. Open or create a timeline and, from your slide, select two or more tasks that you wish to display on a single row. 

  2. Then, click the Group button you will see enabled on the Style Pane, right at the top of the Task Options tab.


  3. Office Timeline will move all selected task bars onto the same row and automatically adjust text placements for a better fit on the graphic. This is a good time to double-check if all texts are discernible and, if needed, change colors or positions to improve visibility.Image_4.png

B) Adding more tasks to an existing group

Whenever you need to update or revise your timeline, you can quickly add more tasks to an existing group. To do so, select all items within the aligned sequence along with the new tasks you wish to move onto the same row, and then click Group.


 C) Ungrouping tasks

Office Timeline also allows you to remove one or more - or all - items from a group and display them on separate rows. Here’s how:

  1. Select the tasks you wish to remove from the group. In the example below, we chose the Verification and Response bars to be pulled out of the sequence.Image_6.png

  2. Click the Ungroup button on the Style Pane.


  3. The selected tasks will be placed each on its own separate row below the remaining items in the group (if any).


D) Reordering grouped tasks

If you wish to change the vertical placement of a task group or the relative order in which tasks and groups are displayed on the timeline, you can do it quickly in the Edit Data wizard. Here’s how:

  1. Click the Edit Data button on the ribbon to open the wizard. Here, you’ll notice that tasks belonging to the same sequence are marked accordingly. In our example below, we have two different task groups:


  2. Drag the first task belonging the group you wish to move and drop it in the desired position.


  3. Office Timeline will move the whole group in the desired position and update the order on the graphic as well.



Note: Grouping, ungrouping or reordering tasks can also be done by Drag & Drop from the add-in's Edit Timeline interface. Simply select the task you wish to move and drag it in the desired position. When dragging a task next to others, you will see a pink band that indicates your selected task will be grouped (aligned) with the others.


If you need any help managing Tasks-in-a-Row, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us by clicking the “Submit a Ticket” button below. Our friendly technical support team will be happy to be of assistance.

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