Common issues when updating



When updating from an older build to the latest version of Office Timeline (, the software may not install successfully.  Most of the update issues can be resolved quickly as they are frequently caused by PowerPoint settings or a required component update.


After updating to the latest version of Office Timeline, you have one of these 3 issues:

  1. Office Timeline is no longer visible in PowerPoint.

  2. You receive a Visual Studio Tools for Office Runtime error or general VSTO error.

  3. You receive an Error 1001 message, preventing Office Timeline from uninstalling the previous version.


  1. If Office Timeline is not visible in PowerPoint after updating, please adjust your add-in settings in PowerPoint. Follow these steps.

  2. If you received a Visual Studio Tools or any VSTO error message when updating Office Timeline, please update your VSTO. Here’s how.

  3. If you received an Error 1001, please uninstall the old version of Office Timeline using the easy Fix It tool and then download the latest build. See how here.