How to install Office Timeline in a Citrix environment



Many users install Office Timeline on a Citrix server for their licensed users. However, we don't provide support for it because we don't test or troubleshoot in that environment.

Possible solution

This is a common theme among Citrix customers and what one customer specifically told us about their experience with installing on a Citrix server:

"I was able to install Office Timeline with relatively no problems.  I just set the execution mode to install from the command line, went to the RDS app install selection in Control Panel and selected the installer, then went through the entire process.

It did reboot automatically on the Visual Studio 2010 prerequisite, though, which was a bit unexpected and undesirable, but I don’t think anyone was in it, at the time as nothing was mentioned.

It did fail the online activation, but it was probably due to the firewall. It is a cloud hosted VM and is fairly tight, so I didn’t look into that much. Manual activation appeared to do the trick.

I set it back to execution mode and didn’t have to actually do anything to publish in Citrix…it showed right up under PowerPoint." 

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