Install Office Timeline with Elevated Privileges



Often times, user accounts on corporate networks are restricted from installing applications or components of applications.  When this is the case, Office Timeline may appear to install successfully but may not function properly.  Installing Office Timeline with elevated privileges on the user's account typically solves this issue.


Install Office Timeline with Elevated Permissions on the User's Account to ensure that Office Timeline is installed and registered properly on the computer.


  1. Make sure Office Timeline is uninstalled from your computer.  Click on the Start Icon and type Apps, then select Apps&Features, select Office Timeline from the list and click Uninstall.mceclip1.png

  2. Add your user account to the local machine Administrator Group by following these steps. IMPORTANT NOTE: In order for this to work, you cannot simply use a known admin account & password to elevate the installer permissions when installing Office Timeline. You must add the user's account to the machine's local Administrators group, and then install Office Timeline using the user's account.

  3. Download and install the latest build of Office Timeline from

  4. Open PowerPoint and test Office Timeline.

  5. Close PowerPoint and test Office Timeline once more to ensure that it stays functional.

  6. Remove user account from local Administrators group.