Tip for quickly sharing your timeline with colleagues



The Office Timeline add-in allows you to quickly share your timelines with other team members. The short guide below shows the exact steps:


  1. Select the timeline slide you want to send and then click the Share button on the Office Timeline ribbon. You’ll notice you have the option of emailing your timeline as a picture, or sending it as an editable attachment.

  2. Choose how you want to share it. In our example, we will choose to send it as a PowerPoint attachment so that others can easily edit or update the graphic.


  3. Office Timeline will instantly open a new Outlook message and automatically add your selected slide as a .pptx attachment. Choose your recipients, add any extra details you may wish to include, and you’re done.screenshot_3_arrow.png


Note: If your timeline doesn’t need updating or edits from others, you can choose to send it as a picture – the add-in will insert an image of it in a new email message:screenshot_4.png