How to activate Plus Edition



This article will guide you through activating your Plus Edition license. When you enter a product key, Office Timeline Plus activates itself by validating the key with our license server.  In corporate environments, firewalls sometimes restrict this process from taking place.  Office Timeline has a manual activation process designed for this scenario.

NOTE: If you installed Office Timeline Free Edition earlier and are now activating it after several weeks or months, please make sure you install the latest version before following these steps.  We are constantly enhancing the product, including improvements in the Activation process.  Download the latest version before you continue.

Standard Activation 

  1. Click the Upgrade Button on the Office Timeline Free ribbon.

  2. Click the Activate button on the What Would You like to do? dialogue box.

  3. Paste your product key into the Enter Plus Edition product key field and click Activate.

  4. Click Start Plus Edition and you're ready to start using Office Timeline Plus!

Manual Activation

  1. If you receive the, "Unfortunately we were not able to register your product key online" message, click OK to get to the Manually Activate Office Timeline dialogue.

  2. On the Manually Activate Office Timeline dialogue box, click Get Offline Key, which will automatically open a web browser and navigate to

  3. On the Manual Product Activation web page, an Offline Activation Key will automatically be generated for you. Select the text inside the Offline Activation Key text box and Copy the newly created Offline Key.

  4. Paste the Offline Activation Key from the Office Timeline website into the product's Manually Activate Office Timeline dialogue (Step 2) and click Activate.

  5. This will complete the Manual Activation process. Click Start Plus Edition and you're ready to start using Office Timeline Plus!

Here's a video that will help you get started with the Plus Edition:


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