Change the style of your timeline instantly



The Template button on the Office Timeline ribbon in PowerPoint allows you to instantly change the look of your timeline by applying a different style or template to it. Here’s how it works:


  1. From your timeline slide, click on the Template button on the ribbon to see your available style options.

  2. Select a built-in template or style from the list, or even choose one of your custom templates if you have any. Office Timeline will instantly apply the selected option to your existing graphic.


  3. Select the Flat / Gel option at the end of the list if you wish to switch between the Flat style (which removes any shadows and special effects) and the Gel style (a more 3D-like look, that adds shadows and other effects). 
    In our example, we switched our timeline from Gel to Flat, and it now looks like this:

  4. If you select the Chronology Table from the list, the add-in will automatically create a new slide with your timeline’s schedule presented as a PowerPoint table.chronology-table-apply-template.png