Change the timescale from months to anything else



Depending on the span of your project, you can adjust the date intervals on your visual's timescale to optimize the way it is displayed. The options available for selection include Hours/Minutes, Days, Weeks, Weeks (ISO), Months, Quarters and Years. Follow the steps below to see how you can switch between these options.

Note: You can also create dateless timelines if you don't know the specific Start and End dates of your projects. See our post on dateless timelines here.



  1. From PowerPoint, open your project's timeline and select the timescale to bring up its customization options in the Style Pane on the right.

  2. Here, click the Timescale Settings button.

  3. From the Scales tab in the Settings window that pops ups, pick the most suitable units for your current work and make sure to click Save. The chosen units will automatically apply to the timeline, and all milestones and tasks will be repositioned according to the new setting.change-scale-units-timescale-settings.png

    In our example below, we changed the scale units from months to weeks.



Note: You can also change the Time Period, Language,  or Fiscal Year  of your timescale from the Timescale settings window.