Imported items show as "Not imported" when refreshing data



When trying to refresh the data of an imported timeline, tasks or milestones you’ve already imported are shown as “Not imported”, even though they are visible on the slide.



This can happen in some versions of Office Timeline when moving tasks or milestones from the timescale into Swimlanes (or vice versa). In such scenarios, the import ID of the moved items changes erroneously, breaking the link with the import source.

The issue has been fixed starting with version 7.03.02. Unfortunately, the fix will not be able to “repair” timelines that were already affected by this issue, since we can’t recover import IDs that have already been lost. If you’re experiencing this problem, we sincerely apologize and kindly ask you to follow the steps below:



  1. Download the latest version of Office Timeline.

  2. When refreshing data, reimport the items that appear as “Not imported”.

  3. Delete the items initially imported that are no longer recognized by Office Timeline (and which are now duplicates)

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