How to assign an Office Timeline license key to specific users via GPO



System administrators can assign an Office Timeline license key to specific users using GPOs (Group Policy Object) or other Windows-specific systems.

To do so, you will need to execute two separate processes, one to install Office Timeline, and another one to activate the license.


I) Install Office Timeline

The process to install Office Timeline should simply deploy the package OfficeTimeline.msi.


II) Activate the license

The process to activate the license should execute the following steps:

  1. Ensure Office Timeline has been installed.

  2. Execute the command LQ.EXE.

    - This command is installed by the Office Timeline installation package, in the same folder as Office Timeline; the default path is C:\Program Files (x86)\Office Timeline\Current\LQ.EXE

    - The command outputs a CSV string with the following fields: <computer name>,<internal license id>,<license status>,<expiration date>

  3. If the license status reported by LQ.EXE is an active one, you can stop processing.
    Otherwise, execute the command LkUtil.exe.

    - This command is also installed by the Office Timeline installation package.

    - The command receives the license key as parameter, and it tries to activate it.


Script example

As an example, one of our customers has given us permission to publish a batch script he used for activating licenses via a GPO, which you can see below. He first linked a GPO to an AD security group, so he didn’t have to filter the group memberships in the script itself.


@echo off


set exePathLkUtil=C:\Program Files (x86)\Office Timeline\Current\LkUtil.exe
set exePathLQ=C:\Program Files (x86)\Office Timeline\Current\LQ.EXE

if exist "%exePathLkUtil%" (
echo Office Timeline executable exists, enabling license
"%exePathLkUtil%" -L %OfficeTimelineLic%
) else (
echo Timeline executable does not exist, exiting

echo Checking current license:

ping localhost > NUL





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