Office Timeline Add-in security information



Before installing the Office Timeline add-in or any other software, users will want to ensure it is secure. To help with the evaluation, the following article provides essential security-related information regarding the add-in.

Internet Connectivity 

  1. Office Timeline requires internet connectivity only when activating the product and when renewing the license. The tool only accesses the following URLs during activation or renewal:

  2. The add-in will try to access other URLs when checking for updates or reporting telemetry, but it will fall back when the respective URLs are not accessible.


Security and Data Protection

  1. The only confidential information the add-in manages is the web proxy server password. This password is used when importing data from Wrike, and it is encrypted and stored in the registry using DPAPI.

  2. Office Timeline may collect application and system information regarding how the add-in is used and how it performs. This data does not personally identify users and it is transmitted to a secure web service. For more information on anonymous usage data transmission and how to disable it, please follow the link below:

  3. We digitally sign all our binaries and the add-in setup.

For additional information, please raise a ticket or contact Our responsive customer support team will gladly answer any questions you may have.