How to disable the Office Timeline add-in



Disabling the Office Timeline add-in allows users to turn off all its functionalities without physically removing or uninstalling the tool. The process is simple and reversible, so users can easily re-enable the add-in whenever they need it without having to download and install it again. Please follow the simple steps below if you wish to temporarily deactivate Office Timeline.


  1. Open PowerPoint and go to File -> Options -> Add-Ins. Here, if you look for Office Timeline in the list, you will notice that it is marked as a “COM Add-in” in the Type column.


  2. Select “COM Add-ins” from the Manage dialogue box and then click the Go button.


  3. Finally, in the COM Add-ins window, click the checkbox next to Office Timeline and then hit OK.



Office timeline will now be disabled and its dedicated tab removed from the PowerPoint ribbon. To re-enable the add-in, simply redo the steps described above.