MS Project import doesn’t work



In Office Timeline version 3.15 and later, the Microsoft Project import and sync functionality does not work. When trying to introduce an .mpp file into the PowerPoint add-in, the import fails and users get the following error message:



Office Timeline uses a 3rd party software library to help import Microsoft Project (.mpp) files. Recent Microsoft Project updates have broken this functionality, and some Office Timeline users will not be able to import or sync Project 2010, 2013 and 2016 .mpp files. Our development team is working on a break fix. We will post the import break fix here on our update page:

There are two temporary workarounds for importing Project 2010, 2013 and 2016 files into Office Timeline:

Solution A - Save your file in the MS Project 2007 format

Saving your .mpp file as a Microsoft Project 2007 file typically fixes this issue. To do so, please follow the simple steps below:

  1. Open your Project file and, from the File tab, go to Save -> Save As.

  2. Select the Microsoft Project 2007 file format from the Save as type drop-down menu and click Save. Now you should be able to import your file into Office Timeline or sync your data without any issues.

Solution B - Export to Excel

The second way to solve the problem is to export your Project data to Microsoft Excel and then use Office Timeline’s Excel import functionality. The following guide will show you the exact steps:

If you are still unable to import or sync your MS Project data after trying the solutions above, please submit a ticket and our support team will assist you as quickly as possible.


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