Exporting Office Timeline data to Excel



Exporting project schedules from Office Timeline to Excel is a simple process that uses the Copy Data feature which is built into the product. You can access it from the Milestone Wizard or the Task Wizard.


  1. From your timeline, click on the Edit Data button on the Office Timeline ribbon. Once on the Task Wizard, hover your mouse over any Task to make the Menu option (3 dots) appear. Click on the menu options and select Copy data. This will copy all of your Milestone data and your Task data to a clipboard.Edit.png

  2. Now open Excel and paste.export_tu_excel2.png

The process works in reverse as well: if you want to use Excel data to create a timeline, you can easily paste or import your project from Excel into Office Timeline Plus Edition.


Here's a video that will help you get started with the Excel Import:


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