Exporting Office Timeline data to Excel



The Office Timeline add-in gives you two simple ways to take your timeline's data to Excel. You can either export the schedule directly to or as an Excel file, or use the Copy Data feature available from your data list to copy & paste your milestones and tasks into an existing spreadsheet. Here's how both approaches work:

A) Export as an Excel file directly

  1. From your timeline, click on the Import / Export button on the Office Timeline ribbon and select Export.


  2. Select a name and place for your new Excel file or choose an existing file to export to, and then click Save. That's it!


B) Copy & paste the data into an existing sheet

  1. Click on the Edit Data button on the Office Timeline ribbon. Here, hover your mouse over any Task to make the Menu option (3 dots) appear. Click on the menu options and select Copy data. This will copy all of your timeline data to a clipboard.copy-data.png

  2. Now open Excel and paste.pasted-data-in-excel.png

The process works in reverse as well: if you want to use Excel data to create a timeline, you can easily paste or import your project from Excel into Office Timeline Edition.


Here's a video that will help you get started with the Excel Import: