How to make timelines and Gantt charts in hours and minutes



Office Timeline has a powerful feature that enables you to create timelines, Gantt charts and other visuals scaled down to hours and minutes. This article will guide you through the process.


Click on New in the Office Timeline tab to access the Timeline Creator Wizard, choose the timeline style you want, and then go through the following steps:

  1. From the "Edit Data" tab, click on Add column in the table header and switch on Hours and minutes.
    This will add two extra columns to your data table, where you can add your specific start and end times.

  2. After you enter your tasks and milestones, click on the clock in the Start time or End time column to open the "Time Setter" and select the specific times for each milestone. Alternatively, you can type in the exact hours and minutes directly into the time field.
    Note: You can also use the Time Setter to change the length of the working day. Setting the work hours correctly is important for the add-in to accurately calculate task durations, and it will also allow for a more practical milestone placement.

  3. When done, don't forget to Save your data.

As a final note, remember that, once you’ve finished building your timeline, you can easily change date and time formats using the "Date Format" picker in the Office Timeline Style Pane. To do so, simply select one of the task or milestone dates from your timeline, click on "Date Format" in the pane, and make your desired changes. Click Apply to All if you wish to apply your changes to all dates of the same category (e.g. all milestones dates or all task dates).