Office Timeline buttons disabled except for New, Import, Templates, and Themes



When trying to edit a slide created with the Office Timeline add-in, the buttons on the Office Timeline ribbon are grayed out – they cannot be selected or operated. Only New, Import, Templates and Themes are clickable.



Typically, this situation occurs when the Office Timeline metadata about the timeline has been lost. The metadata serves to provide context or additional information about a certain file’s or item’s content. When this information is missing, Office Timeline cannot properly “read” or work with a slide’s data.


  1. Please make sure to always save your timelines as .pptx, as Office Timeline does not support other file formats. If the file extension is changed to anything else, all Office Timeline metadata about the slide will be wiped out.

  2. When copy/pasting a PowerPoint timeline created with Office Timeline into another .pptx file, ensure you copy the whole slide and not just the elements on the page. This way, the Office Timeline metadata will be transferred to the new file along with the timeline. To copy a whole slide to another PowerPoint presentation, please avoid using Ctrl + A to select the content. Instead, go to the Slides pane on the left side of the screen, right-click on the desired slide, and choose “Copy” (as seen in the image on the right).